About The Pathways of History

Washington Township Historical Society

In 2024, The Pathways of History celebrates our 15th Anniversary of tours to Morris County’s finest small museums by visitors from far and wide.

Mission Statement


The mission of The Pathways of History tour is to highlight the historic resources of Morris County’s all-volunteer organizations.

What is it?

The Pathways of History tour, Morris County’s premier free history weekend, annually highlights over 2 dozen historic sites operated by some of Morris County’s smallest, all-volunteer, and self-sustaining organizations.

How it all began

The Pathways of History was conceived by five enthusiastic Morris County historical societies as an event designed to highlight their distinctive museums and resources. Now in its 15th year, The Pathways of History Tour has grown to include 27 non-profit organizations and historic sites.

Begin at any site and travel any pathway you’d like to enjoy a warm welcome, a taste of some of the incredible history Morris County has to offer and, (as always), free admission at each location.

Welcome to The Pathways of History!


Pathways of History participants would like to recognize our members, donors, friends, and the volunteers who worked to make this year’s tour a success. In this particular year, we’d like to thank Pathways’s Steering Committee member Ingrid Sceusi and web master Christina Tullo in updating our website for 2024. We would also like to thank Amy Curry, Director of the Morris County Historical Society and, Regional Representatives Sue Schmidt and John Unger, under whose direction The Pathways of History tour continues to be a success!

Publication Team
Amy Curry, Morris County Historical Society
Ingrid Sceusi, Historical Society of Rockaway Township
John Unger, Roxbury Township Historical Society

Website Design
Christina Tullo, www.christinatullo.com

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